Niet alle ogen gaan open, maar als ze eenmaal open zijn dan durven mensen er naar te handelen.

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

  Monday, June 11 2012| Haggai Matar| 972 Magazine


Yaniv Mazor was sentenced this morning by his commander to twenty days in prison for refusing to fulfill his reserve service duties. “This is an army whose main purpose is the maintenance of the occupation regime imposed on millions of people on the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip – and I cannot serve in it,” said Mazor, hoping that others would join him.

"I hope my actions will inspire others". Yaniv Mazor

“I hope my actions will inspire others”. Yaniv Mazor

Yaniv Mazor – a resident of Jerusalem, chief sergeant (res.) in the armed corps, and a tour guide in profession – is celebrating his 31st birthday today. Speaking to +972 on his way to jail, Mazor said the decision to refuse has been building up inside him for the past seven years, growing stronger the more he learnt of Israel’s policies in the occupied territories…

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